The New Secret Life of Pets Trailer Explores the World of Canine Sibling Rivalry

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A pair of pups (Louis C.K. as the sassy terrier type; Eric Stonestreet as his massive, shaggy rival) must learn to share an owner—and survive their run-in with the dogcatcher—in this latest trailer for The Secret Life of Pets.

Also, love the characterization of the cat: “I’m your friend! And as your friend ... I gotta be honest with you. I don’t care about you or your problems.”

Let’s just say that even with the bunny scat and the head-banging poodle (wait for it, it’s so worth it), this trailer is a lot less weird than the earlier one featured below—which was a bit of a head-scratcher, to say the least. The Secret Life of Pets is out July 8.


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