The new Sailor Moon anime finally has a name, a premiere date and art

Yesterday, Toei Animation made a website for the immensely long-awaited reboot of the Sailor Moon anime franchise with an 8-day countdown clock. Then someone hacked it, and discovered the show will be called Sailor Moon Crystal, premiere worldwide in July, and look like this.

Now, when I say hacked, I mean someone just checked if "" happened to link to anything, and discovered the below image with the details (helpfully translated by Miss Dream):


Well, sounds like Sailor Moon to me. I presume that if Toei went to the effort of making a countdown website, the July release date will actually (finally) stick. It's hard to tell for sure with a single promo image, but it seems to me that the character design is a bit closer to Naoko Takeuchi's original manga art. We'll see in seven more days, I guess... if Toei has anything else to reveal.

[Geekosystem via The Mary Sue]

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