The New Version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch Will Debut in Jughead This Fall

Last year, Archie Comics rebooted their main character and introduced a version of Archie and Riverdale High built around modern-day sensibilities. So far, we’ve seen updated takes on Betty, Veronica, and Reggie; this September, the magic comes back when teenage sorceress Sabrina guest-stars in the ongoing Jughead series.


Jughead’s currently being written and drawn in excellent fashion by Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson. This fall, a new team of Ryan North (who writes The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl for Marvel) and Derek Charm will take over the series featuring Archie Andrews’ always-hungry pal with Jughead #9. North and Charm will be reintroducing Sabrina in their first issue, which will be a bit of an odd-couple pairing, according to the writer’s remarks in a Daily Dot interview:

I see Jughead as being generally this really rational dude, this anchor of sensibility in a world of boy/girl-crazy friends. And Sabrina’s interesting because she’s literally magic. She is an actual witch in a world where witchcraft isn’t known to be a real thing, and she’s got this edge to her that you don’t often see in Riverdale. I think Jughead’s just the kind of person who I think would be a lot of fun to see interact with that.

Zdarsky and North are friends IRL and their creative paths just intertwined in a hilarious Howard the Duck/Squirrel Girl crossover story that just ended. North is a writer who does comedy well without making fun of his characters, so his upcoming tenure on Jughead should be delight.

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