The New Power Rangers' Power Coins Are Basically Just Big Rocks

Remember the Power Ranger’s intricate little coins that slotted into their morphing bucklers? Well, they’re no more. The movie Rangers have got big-ass rocks which may or may not have a delicious fruit filling inside, and which only vaguely look like the power coins of old.

Yes, Power Rangers is coming out in force at Comic-Con this year—we’ve already had another look at the Ranger suits, their much better toy counterparts, and now the Power Coins, which are on display at the movie’s booth alongside the actual helmets from the film—so you can see how large they actually are in comparison.


They’re huge! It makes sense considering that what we’ve seen of the suits, as it seems like the “power coins,” rather than slotting into a separate buckler, are both coin and buckler combined, and embed themselves into the waistline of the new Ranger suits when they’re transformed.

Still, it’s nice to see that there’s some continuity with the old coins—you can only really make it out on the Pink and Red coins, but the prehistoric animals that grant each Ranger their powers can be just about made out as etched into the centre of them. That’s a nice touch. Here’s a few more pictures of the helmets and coins up close, right from out very own Germain Lussier:


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