The new, big-screen Power Rangers movie is beginning to take shape. Casting is being announced every few days and now we may have an idea what the film’s official title is.

According to Collider, the new Power Rangers movie is called...

Saban’s Power Rangers

“Saban” as in Haim Saban, the series’ co-creator and owner. According to their report, Saban is currently working on the script with the film’s director Dean Israelite. And while we don’t have many details on how, if at all, that’s impacting what happens in the movie, apparently all of the character names are brand new to the franchise. This is a whole new team. But, they will pilot the iconic, original vehicles. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Callum Oliver – The Red Ranger/Tyrannosaurus
  • Priya Patel – The Pink Ranger/Pterodactyl
  • Brian Olson – The Blue Ranger/Triceratops
  • Oscar Fernandez – The Black Ranger/Mastodon
  • Teyana Jones – The Yellow Ranger/Sabre-tooth Tiger

As of now, four of those roles have been announced. Naomi Scott is the Pink Ranger, Dacre Montgomery is the Red Ranger, Ludi Lin is the Black Ranger, and RJ Cyler is the Blue Ranger.

Saban’s Power Rangers is currently scheduled for release January 13, 2017.


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