The New Power Rangers Comics Feature Really Stylish Teens

Outside of their iconic ranger suits, Power Rangers’ the fashion of the series’ teen heroes can probably best be described as “Achingly 90s.” But that’s not going to be case in Boom studio’s new Power Rangers comic: these are teenagers with attitude and really nice clothes.

Comics Alliance exclusively revealed concept art from the series’ artist, Hendry Prasetya, depicting the modern rangers in their civilian outfits, and they all look almost absurdly fashionable and handsome:


Like, damn, Billy looks good. That certainly is no blue-dungarees nightmare, right there.

They’re pretty great designs—they look modern and stylish, and yet they still managed to do the thing where each character wears their respective “Ranger” color. But the color coding’s not overdone like it was in the original show, in which the cast might as well have been running around in matching crayon costumes when they weren’t busy saving the day.

If Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya’s comics read as good as these designs look, Power Rangers fans are going to be in for one hell of a treat when the series kicks off with a special prelude issue next month.


[Comics Alliance]

Header Image Credit: Power Rangers #1 variant cover by Kevin Wada, via Comics Alliance

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