The New Pacific Rim Comic Explores the Lives of Those Left Behind After the First Film

Image: Legendary Entertainment
Image: Legendary Entertainment

The first Pacific Rim movie left lots of hooks for the backstory of a world where humanity, armed with giant robots, stands at the brink of extinction from giant monster attacks. Before sequel Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters next year, a new comic wants to delve into the past of its future hero.


Announced today, Pacific Rim Aftermath—written by Cavan Scott with art from Rich Elson—takes place nearly a decade after the events of the first movie, bringing us to the Santa Monica of 2035 (rather than the Hong Kong of the first movie) and into the life of Jake Pentecost, John Boyega’s character in Uprising. Aftermath will follow Jake as he searches for answers about the death of his father during the events of the first Pacific Rim, but it will also introduce a few new characters to the fold.

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First up, there’s Griffin—presumably the gentleman in the above cover art, described as a former Jaeger Pilot who now pilots an illegally-built mecha for the mob. He’ll probably be the one who encounters the fabulously named Mech Czar, a “techno-criminal” who “rules the underworld with a steel fist.” I’m guessing that steel fist is probably the steel fist of a giant goddamn robot, considering this is a Pacific Rim comic.

Still, it’s an intriguing opportunity to explore the world immediately outside the militaristic confines of the characters we were introduced to in the first movie. Plus, the idea of mob brawls that just so happen to have ILLEGAL GIANT ROBOTS in them sounds fun as hell.

Pacific Rim Aftermath’s first issue hits shelves January 17, 2018.

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The basic premise of Pacific Rim is so inherently ridiculous I really struggle to care about its ‘universe’