The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Has a Premiere Date, a Cast Photo, and My Heart

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In the not-too-distant future—not next Sunday, but a bit under two months from now—the Satellite of Love will grace our skies once more as Netflix has announced the release date of the show’s revival: Friday, April 14. And from this first photo of the new cast, I couldn’t be more optimistic.


Obviously the ‘Bots are the ‘Bots, and we’ve seen Jonah Ray in his Gizmonics jumpsuit before, but I believe Felicia Day (far left) as Kinga Forrester, daughter of original mad scientist Clayton Forrester, and Patton Oswalt (far right) as Son of TV’s Frank, are making their debuts above. I also like Satellite interior design; it’s significantly less busy than the last incarnation, but as a modern update, it works perfectly well.

Look, I count MST3K as perhaps my biggest obsession; it’s certainly the one property I would take to a figurative desert island. These sorts of reboots can be fraught with stress for fans—whether they can recapture the magic, whether they still have the knack, if all the changes will prevent it from feeling like the original—and I just... I’m just not worried about the new Mystery Science Theater 3000, you guys. I’m excited. Excited to meet another new crew, excited to see what creator Joel Hodgson’s going to do with it, and most of all, just excited it that it came back at all.

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