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The New Men in Black: International Trailer Introduces the Movie's Shapeshifting Villains

Tessa Thompson as Agent M and Chris Hemsworth as Agent H.
Tessa Thompson as Agent M and Chris Hemsworth as Agent H.
Image: Sony

Men in Black: International tells the story of how a woman spends years trying to find the titular secret organization after she has a chance encounter with MiB agents as a young girl and manages to walk away without having her memory erased. Ultimately, she’s successful, but she dons a black suit of her own just as her new coworkers are being presented with a new, galaxy-threatening crisis.


Traitors have infiltrated the Men in Black’s ranks, and while the agents are all well-trained to deal with all manner of alien adversaries, the villains in Men in Black have a Skrull-like upper hand because of their ability to shapeshift into other people at will.

For seasoned MiB vets like Agent H (Chris Hemsworth), this latest challenge is particularly difficult because while he’s one of the best in his field, the movie’s villains seemingly know everything there is to know about the Men in Black.


Lucky for Earth, though, Agent M’s (Tessa Thompson) fresh eyes are almost certain to play a role in saving the world when the film drops June 14.

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“It took me 20 years”

*checks dates*

Dear god it really has been 20 years since the first MIB.