Luke Cage getting his ass handed to him by newcomer Bushmaster.
Image: Netflix

Luke Cage isn’t a trained fighter, an expert private investigator, or a warrior blessed with mystical energies, but he is a damn-near indestructible hero with a good head on his shoulders and a solid moral compass. But how does an unbreakable man fight someone who can render him completely vulnerable? Netflix’s new trailer for Luke Cage gives us a taste of what Harlem’s hero is up against in season 2.


The second season is set to introduce a whole slew of new villains from Marvel’s comics, but it’s Bushmaster who takes center stage here. We’ve seen before what happens to people without powers who try to punch Luke with their bare hands, but when Bushmasters rolls up on him in the streets, he makes quick work of the hero and leaves him absolutely stunned. Not to mention laid out for all the world to see.

It’s a low low compared to the highs that Luke’s enjoyed as Harlem’s newly crowned (albeit unofficial) protector and it promises that when Luke Cage returns on June 22, he’s going to need all the extra help he can get to keep his city safe. Thank goodness Misty’s got that fancy new arm.


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