The New Karate Kid Series Cobra Kai Has a Nostalgic New Teaser

Johnny Lawrence (Billy Zabka) has got himself a Daniel-San (Xolo Maridueña) in Cobra Kai.
Johnny Lawrence (Billy Zabka) has got himself a Daniel-San (Xolo Maridueña) in Cobra Kai.
Image: YouTube

I’m still kind of stunned that this series, Cobra Kai, is actually happening. Premiering on YouTube Red later this year, the show features Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka reprising their roles from the original Karate Kid series in modern times.


We’ve already seen a trailer for the show and now, there’s a new tease. It’s short, but it’s almost all new footage, and starts to paint an even better picture of what this show will be like. Check it out.

So, obviously, Johnny restarts Cobra Kai and takes on new students, including one special kid in particular (played by Xolo Maridueña). It’s the Mr. Miyagi/Daniel relationship flipped on its head and we’re all about it.


Plus, there seems to be some kind of All Valley karate tournament in there, and with that last scene, it certainly seems like the show is very self-aware, which is a good thing—assuming it doesn’t go too far with it.


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Brian Burns

I always thought Johnny was an interesting and complex character as a villain. The movie establishes that he was trying to turn over a new leaf for his last year of high school, and his parents were members of a pretty fancy country club, suggesting he would have had opportunities to go to college and have a successful life. But he is one of those guys who is his own worst enemy, unable to control his anger and constantly trying to prove his dominance over others, impulses that his toxic sensei feeds as a method of control and that Daniel unintentionally exacerbates due to his own problems with his temper and impulse control.

I have known many people like this in real life, including one of my own karate instructors, who was very good at karate and a pretty good teacher, but was unable to control himself in his personal life other than his karate. Significantly, he used to talk about how he got into karate originally because of the Karate Kid movie and wanting to be like Johnny.