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The New Jem Movie Trailer Still Isn't Truly Outrageous, Just an Outrage

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The second trailer for the live-action Jem movie is here with new disheartening info. It appears that the holographic AI named Synergy, who gives Jem her rockin’ powers in the cartoon, will be in the movie... but as some tiny robot that plays home movies? Also: Still no Misfits.


Actually, the worst thing to me about this crap-pile of movie clichés is the song that plays over the second half of the trailer. Why does this film about the world’s greatest fictional all-girl pop-rock group not use songs performed by said all-girl pop-rock group in the trailer? Is the music composed for this movie so lousy the studio didn’t want to use them? Or do they just not care about the property or its adaptation to any degree? I’m guessing the answer is a bit of both, unfortunately.

[Via The Mary Sue]

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Anyone remember the Josie and the Pussycats remake?