The New iZombie Status Quo Is the Same as the Old

iZombie’s first season ended with a fairly intense finale. People got changed, healed, exploded . . . so now that “Grumpy Old Liv” has started season 2, what’s changed? Not much, surprisingly.


Just like last season, Liv is still solving murders by eating the brains and assuming the personality of murder victims. This week it was an awful old man who could have been murdered by anyone, but was actually murdered by a neighbor who thought that the old man killed his dog.


This is notable only because, as usual, Liv’s new personality rides the line between believable and “so funny I’ll accept the inconsistencies.” She is so lucky Babineaux is preternaturally accepting of her mood swings. Because her racist run was not okay, even if it wasn’t her.

The big cliffhanger of season one was that Liv was asked to donate blood to her brother and refused. Since, well, she’s a zombie. She still doesn’t come clean to her family and they’re pretty pissed. So, just like last season, she is thoroughly on the outs.


Now, if you were hoping that finding out about Liv, nearly dying, being made a zombie, and then cured of zombieism would mellow Major in anyway, your hope was in vain. He still hates zombies and refuses to talk to Liv.


Plus, his whole paranoid man shtick from last season has left him out of a job. Which makes him easy pickings for Max Rager CEO Vaughn Du Clark, who has decided the best way to deal with his drink helping to make people into zombies is to get rid of the evidence. The evidence being zombies. He wants Major to kill all the zombies.

Because the weird side effect of the cure is that Major can now sense zombies, which Du Clark wants to use to find and kill. Plus, he says that they’ll start with Liv if Major doesn’t agree.


So just like last season, Major is sneaking around tracking and hunting zombies. At least this time he knows that’s what he’s doing.



While not a zombie, Blaine is still a complete dickbag. He’s picked up his old—and hilarious—alias of “John Deaux.” In order to open up a funeral home. Of course.


It’s a front. Instead of using an artisanal food store to hide his brain trafficking business, Blaine is now using his funeral home to hide his drug trafficking business.

Liv also tells him that the tainted drugs he sold last year are part of the cure, and he should help her find some more. So that they can make sure nothing bad happens to him because of the cure Liv decided to test on him. Blaine agrees, but get ready for his sudden but inevitable betrayal.


In other not changes: Babineaux is suspicious of Major. Ravi is trying to remake the zombie cure.


The only big change is that Liv’s best friend and roommate—and Ravi’s almost-girlfriend—Peyton is still MIA. So Liv has a new roommate in the form of a Max Rager spy. Oops.

All things considered, it’s probably best that not too much was shaken up. This show has a pretty weird concept, it doesn’t need to do a flying header into complicated mythology. Plus, it gives room for the Max Rager/Du Clark stuff to grow into a real threat. I like them being both “sneaky spies” and “balckmailing secret ex-zombie into assassinations.”


It’s still such a good show. I laughed out loud at Blaine’s funeral pitch and teared up a bit when the murderer said goodbye to his dog. iZombie is a show that came back without messing with its winning formula, and that’s great to see.

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