Oh my god. Today’s issue of Star Wars #6, written by Jason Aaron, contains a surprise that changes one of the series’ main characters completely — a change that, thanks to the new Disney mandate that everything is 100% official, is now Star Wars canon. Get ready to have your mind blown.






Meet Sana Solo...

...Han Solo’s wife.


Marvel’s main Star Wars comic is set just after the destruction of the first Death Star, and the events of A New Hope. So apparently while Han Solo was running Luke and Obi-Wan to Alderaan, he was a married man the entire time. And unless he’s going to get some kind of divorce — which seems like it would be difficult, given that he’d have to file paperwork with the Empire to legal dissolve his union, and he’s a wanted man and all — maybe he was married during Empire Strikes Back, too?!


Of course, there are a few ways this could go. Sana could be crazy and/or mistaken. The marriage may not have been formalized yet, so technically Han isn’t cheating on his spouse when he’s flirting with Leia. Or Sana could die in the near future, leaving Han a widower to make out with any princess he sees fit.

Whatever happens, this is the first major change made to a main Star Wars character since Disney bought the property, and it’s extremely interesting that it happened in a Marvel comic. I don’t know how I feel about the change itself, but something tells me it’s absolutely not going to be the last one.

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