The New His Dark Materials Trailer Is Jaw-Droppingly Epic

Don’t mess with a golden monkey.
Don’t mess with a golden monkey.
Image: HBO
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We can’t quite say that His Dark Materials is going to be HBO’s next Game of Thrones, but the latest trailer...kind of makes it feel like it could be HBO’s next Game of Thrones. To put it another way, things just got much, much bigger.

While previous trailers for upcoming show surely excited fans of the Philip Pullman saga, this latest trailer is filled with visual effects that probably weren’t done in time for those other trailers. The result is a scope unlike what we’ve already seen. It teases different dimensions, grand conflict, and so much more. Check it out.

Not only does this trailer dive more into the actual Golden Compass, there are also more daemons, more Iorek Byrnison, more venturing James McAvoy (who oddly, doesn’t get a credit at the end of this trailer), just more of everything. There’s some deep mythology being explored here, and with such nuanced, interesting characters, this show has a great chance of being a big hit.


His Dark Materials premieres November 4 on HBO.

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I’m reading these now for the first time, and god damn. These are considered YA books? Because uhh this shit is intense. And I already know to hate that damn monkey.

Only a show could do this justice. I’m baffled at how they tried to make it into a set of films; way too much nuance would be lost.