Grimm is about a warrior destined to keep the world safe from the monsters that secretly live among us. This Grimm is powerful, a fierce fighter, strong of heart; this Grimm is smart, resourceful, and a brilliant detective. And this Grimm's name is not Nick goddamn Burkhardt.

Sorry, but the arrival of Trubel has made Grimm at least twice as fun to watch, because she's doing everything we wish Nick would or could do. She does the right thing, unfettered by the law of man or Wesen; she kicks two Verrat's asses while Nick and Hank are fighting for their lives; and when Nick is struggling to figure out where Bernard from Lost's key is, she's the one who figures it out, not the police detective.


But I'm getting ahead of myself. Trubel's awesomeness begins when she joins the traditional group dinner and gives Nick, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee a brutal reality check over spaghetti — whatever problems they think they have, Trubel has had it so much worse. Not only does it bring a character with actual pathos to the proceedings, watching everyone else slowly get completely stunned as Trubel calmly recounts the time a Wesen tried to sexually assault her and she stabbed him and got thrown in a psych ward is deeply satisfying.

Meanwhile: Bernard from Lost and his son wander into town. Turns out Bernard is a Grimm and he's dying, and he's trying to convince his non-Grimm son Josh he hasn't gone completely insane long enough to pass his big box o' Grimm goodies — and a new key — to Nick. This plan is complicated by a Verrat, who shows up in their hotel room, forcing Bernard to stab him. Murder achieved! And so Nick and Hank of course grab the case.

So now it's a race between the Grimm gang and the Verrat (led by the rogue FBI guy) to track Bernard down. Not surprisingly, it's Trubel that takes charge, gets Bernard to the hospital when he collapses, gets ahold of Nick because he's not answering his damn phone, and, when the Verrat show up, ignores Nick's orders to stay in the hospital, and basically hands the Verrat their asses while Nick and Hank cry and wet themselves, metaphorically.


Alas, Bernard dies just as he's about to tell Nick where the key is; luckily, the teenage girl who was homeless and convinced she was crazy less than a week ago has better deductive powers than the police detectives, realizes Bernard was reaching for his cane just before he died not to get up but because the key was hidden in it, and boom — Nick suddenly has two keys. They bust out the first key, and 1) of course the two keys are congruent but also 2) they confirm that whatever the hell they're the key to is in Germany's Black Forest. So, in the penultimate episode of season three, Nick has two of the seven legendary Grimm keys. Man, I'm sure looking forward to when Nick gets the last key in season 13!

The "B" story isn't much, but it is promising; still pissed that Renard gave her baby to a heartless member of the royal family whose interest in her child is purely tactical — as opposed to Nick's mom, a woman who will try to keep her baby safe and provide her a happy childhood — even though that's not true because Renard still thinks it's a good reason not to inform her of this intensely comforting detail, Adalind is presumably doing Prince Viktor's bidding and getting ready to fuck with Nick. By this I mean she may mess with Nick, or she may actually fuck Nick, because she's cast a spell that has transformed her into a Juliette doppleganger.* It's a slow burn in this episode, but it promises to pay off big next episode.

Which happens to be the season 3 finale, and I'm excited! Monroe and Rosalee's wedding would be a disaster if they only invited their parents, but add a Grimm, Trubel and Adalind disguised as Juliette, and we have a recipe for… entertainment. As long as Trubel joins the cast full-time for season 4, I have nothing but high hopes for Grimm moving forward.

Assorted Musings:

• Sorry I missed last episode, folks; family stuff. Really, other than Nick showing Trubel the ropes and Trubel slowly opening up/becoming comfortable enough to release her inner badass, the Wesen o' the Week was particularly stupid. A leech-dude who runs a very four-woman high-end shoplifting ring/cult? That… that does not seem a tenable criminal enterprise.

• Here's how great the character of Trubel is: I have stopped shuddering in horror every time someone calls her "Trubel" out loud. Mostly.

• The "C" plot consists of Rosalee briefly thinking getting married is a terrible idea for all of 60 seconds before Monroe calms her down. NO ROSALEE TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS

• The line of the night goes to Adalind, referring to the baby and the Royals and the Resistance and all that jazz: "I just wish I knew what was going on!" So say we all.


• You guys were right about the Knight chesspiece from a couple of week's ago; it's Trubel's. I don't know that one of the Grimm keys could logically fit in it, though. Maybe there's another bit of significance?

• If the Royals have four of the keys, I have another question: If the keys form a map, shouldn't one of the keys have the actual location of the treasure of the map listed on it? Like an "X" or something? Isn't that really the only key you'd need, as long as you had some cartography skills and a bit of luck?

• So I missed the first season back when Adalind was in the bloom of her Hexenbiest powers, and so I have two questions: 1) Has she used a novelty witch hat in her spells before? 2) Has she ever used it as a bong before?


• Speaking of, I've never been particularly blown away by Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette, but damned if she didn't have an impressively sexy-evil look in her eyes when she was playing Adalind disguised as Juliette. Very well done.

• I was enjoying Trubel's antics so much, and I realized a lot of it was because she wasn't burdened with all the police/crime procedural/human law stuff Nick is saddled with. Do you think the show creators wish Nick could drop the whole police thing, and let him just deal with all Wesen stuff all the time, like a one-man Winchester brothers from Supernatural? I imagine they had to add the crime procedural stuff to originally sell the show to NBC, but I wonder if they chaff at it now.

• I keep imaging Nick wearing those giant novelty sunglasses to Monroe and Rosalee's wedding and giggling to myself.

* Adalind totally fucks Nick. Thanks, "One next week's Grimm" promo!