The New Good Dinosaur Trailer Links It To What Pixar Does Best

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We’ve already had one amazing Pixar movie this year and, lucky us, we may get another in a few short weeks. That’s when The Good Dinosaur hits theaters and a new trailer wisely uses the history of Pixar to make a strong point.


Over the last 20 years (Yes, Toy Story came out 20 years ago. You’re old.) Pixar has told all kinds of stories with all kinds of characters. But one of the primary themes is always friendship. Mainly, unlikely friendship, and with The Good Dinosaur, they’re doing it again.

The film opens November 25 and is about a young dinosaur named Arlo who is separated from his family. On his way home, he meets Spot—a human boy—and the two completely different beings develop a true bond. It’s a bond we’ve seen before with Buzz and Woody, Mike and Sully, Marlin and Dory, Carl and Russell, McQueen and Mater, Remy and Linguini among others.

(Actually, if you think about it, this idea of two people who shouldn’t be friends, but then become friends, is the crux of most Pixar movies. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when the circumstances are always so different.)

That’s why a trailer like this is so perfect. It reminds us that, even if you aren’t particularly excited for The Good Dinosaur, you should probably trust Pixar. Their track record is pretty much the best in the business.


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Seeing all those first meetings kind of made me do that roll up in a ball and tear up a little thing.

I can’t believe I’ve been watching Pixar films since when I was young enough to enjoy it as a child and old enough to enjoy them as an adult.