The new Ghostbusters reboot on its way has a lot of people torn: On one hand, more Ghostbusters! On the other, we're already pretty happy with just the Ghostbusters we've got. Here's an idea for the forthcoming Ghostbusters movie that we love, though.

In response to this original cast reunion, several commenters spun an idea that would make the new film less a complete reboot and more a story of an unfolding franchise, where mom-and-pop ghostbusting shops are opening up all over the country under the original label, just like a Subway:


Why the hell does Ghostbusters need rebooting. Hell, Venkman's line pretty much sets up the premise: "The franchise rights alone will make us millions!"

Set the damn movie somewhere else. Ghostbusters in Chicago, Ghostbusters in New Orleans (you want Ghosts and paranormal? Problem solved!), Ghostbusters anywhere else but New York. See, West End Games got around the problem of playing only the real Ghostbusters in the Role Playing Game by letting the players set it in their own city and occasionally interacting with the guys in New York.

Do the same thing here - which allows an Aykroyd cameo if he so desires, all new characters that are not retreads of Venkman et al and keeps us from going through a tedious origin story again.


I'd like to see Ghostbusters in New Orleans and have Dan Aykroyd do a cameo as Elwood Blues.


I completely agree. I love the concept they're touting for the reboot — I just don't see why it needs to be a full reboot. It doesn't have to feature any cameos or even specifically tie itself to the earlier films (other than acknowledging that Ghostbusters is an organization which already exists/has previously existed in the past) — just so long as they don't specifically close out the possibility.


Any film can be remade. And heaven knows, studios love recycling everything. And if you can have CSI New York and CSI Miami, why not Ghostbusters Ft Lauderdale?


In addition to leaving the beloved originals intact, this also opens up the field for a variety of business-related subplots. (Realizing it's inherent marketability, Dana moves to copyright the phrase "There is only Zuul"! Venkman is denied for a small business loan! Winston chooses a stock option plan!). Spin your own ideas for Ghostbusters in your city in the comments!