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At the end of The Flash’s third season, out of nowhere Barry Allen was forced to give himself up to the Speedforce, lest Central City be destroyed. Now, much of this new trailer for season four is about how the team at Star Labs tries to move on in Barry’s absences.

It’s pretty grim, as the cracks in both Iris and Cisco’s personalities especially start to emerge as they come to terms with Barry being gone forever—but it’s also got some fun signs of the team coming together to protect the city without him, from Wally stepping up as Kid Flash to Iris ruling the roost from Star Lab’s command center. Oh, and Caitlin has Leonard Snart’s old freeze gun!? That’s gonna be fun.

Sprinkle in a few wacky things, like, say a goddamn Samuroid ripped straight from the comics, and ladies and gents, you’ve got a good season of The Flash lined up. (Especially if Barry isn’t there to screw around with the timeline again.)


The Scarlet Speedster returns to TV October 10.

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