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We all agree that Hollywood is probably too quick to reboot film franchises. However, if there was a scifi property actually ripe for a reboot, it's Flash Gordon, whose last real outing was as a movie in 1980. So of course, instead, Hollywood suddenly wants to make a sequel to the the 35-year-old film.


This news comes from original Flash Gordon movie star Sam J. Jones in an interview with Den of Geek:

There were plans for sequels, right?

That was then, but up to date now Matthew Reilly, VP of production at Fox Studios, acquired the screenplay rights to Flash Gordon last year, and he hired [Predator/ Chronicle/ Man From U.N.C.L.E producer] John Davis and his staff to write the script. They're looking to bring out a sequel actually. I met with Matt, we're in talks about that. I'm very excited. A lot of people over the years, including Stephen Sommers and Neil H Moritz, have acquired the screenplay rights, but for whatever reason they did not do a follow up on the option. So I'm very excited about it.

So would you want to play an older Flash, or a mentor to younger star?

However they want to use me, I'm very excited. I told Matt, however he wants to use me, keep one thing in mind: whatever a younger, leading man can do, I cannot only match him, I can do more! If he does 20 pull-ups, I can do 30 pull-ups. If he can do 100 push-ups, I can do 150 push-ups. Just keep that in mind!


To be perfectly honest, Jones may not be the most up-to-date source for news about the new Flash Gordon movie. But man, if he's right, and for some bizarre reason we're getting a sequel to the 1980 film... man, how awesome/ridiculous/awesomely ridiculous would that be? Because there are really only two things I want from a new Flash Gordon movie, and a sequel would provide both of them. I want more of this song:

And more of this guy:

Illustration for article titled The New iFlash Gordon/i May Be A Sequel To The 1980 Movie For Some Reason

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