The New Eclipse Trailer: Let The Wild Vampire-Werewolf Rumpus Begin!

It's war in Forks for the Twilight kids. Bloody, acrobatic, kung fu-vampire war. Watch as an army of underwater-walking newbie vampires attack a flock of were-puppies. Leave your shirts at the door — it's the new Eclipse trailer.

See it in full screen HD hotness over at Oprah and watch it on Ms. Winfrey's show today at 4pm on ABC.


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I saw a werewolf with a bare chest glitter on his hand,

Walking through the streets of Fork Wash in the rain.

He was looking for the house of Bella Swan's,

Wanting to take a big piece of Edward.

Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of Twilight, Ahwooooo!

Ahhwooooo... Werewolves of Twilight, Ahwooooo!