The New City Of Babel

To an outside observer, the city of Babiru looked chaotic. But when the only direction a city can build is up, its inhabitants learn the history behind every single story. Concept art by Nivanh Chanthara from his project Babiru.

Chanthara is collaborating with Fred Rambaud on Babiru, which focuses on the survival of the people living in this apocalyptic future. The environments and character designs for Babiru are incredibly striking, and there are so many details packed into the world these two are creating. You can see what they have so far at the Babiru deviantART gallery, and you can see more of Chanthara's work on deviantART, ArtStation, and Carbonmade.


"Babiru 02" is featured with permission and was spotted on r/ImaginaryCityscapes.

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