The new cast of ThunderCats explains why this reboot is better than the original

What does do new ThunderCats have that the original kitties didn't? World-building, and tons of it. Watch the new voice cast of the ThunderCats series compare this new version to The Hobbit. And of course, there's an excellent Sword of Omens call to round it all out.

In case you were wondering, above we have Will Friedle whom you may remember as the big brother on Boy Meets World (playing Lion-O), Matthew Mercer (Tygra) and Kevin Michael Richardson (Panthro) gathered to talk ThunderCats. The one-hour series premiere airs tomorrow at 8 PM on the Cartoon Network.

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I'm not talking as someone who watched the original when it was on TV when I was kid but as an adult who caught it on youtube. The original sucked. There, I said it. It was transformers without the cool robots.

The new one looks like it might be decent.