When Nike’s new Air Mags with working power laces are finally available, there is little doubt they’re going to cost a small fortune. But if you’ve always wanted Marty’s futuristic Nikes from Back to the Future II, and don’t mind never being able to wear them, Hot Toys’ new BTTF II Marty is a cheaper way to go.


The sixth-scale 12-inch figure, a follow-up to Hot Toys’ original Back to the Future Marty, not only comes with miniature versions of the Nike Air Mags, it also includes a tiny hoverboard, a tiny bottle of futuristic Pepsi, a tiny Grays Sports Almanac, and that slick self-drying jacket that you also can’t wear.

Pricing and availability haven’t been revealed just yet, but Hot Toys’ original Marty McFly figure sold for around $225, so you can expect the BTTF II follow-up to be similarly priced. Not cheap for a figure, but a bargain for Nike’s new Air Mags.

[Hot Toys via Toy People]

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