The New Big Bang Evidence Explained With Just A Towel!

After reading about the ground-breaking new evidence for the Big Bang this week you may have been left with a question: Just what are gravitational waves anyway? This video, using just a towel, an apple, and a ping pong ball, explains.


The video from The New Scientist uses a towel to represent space-time and, with the help of a couple accessories, demonstrates just how it might bend and ripple, in the ways that we saw with this week's new discovery.

See, fellow interstellar travelers? A towel really is one of the most useful things you can carry.



I can't really watch this at work, but is this essentially like the bowling ball+mattress+ping pong ball idea? Where a bowling ball in the middle of a mattress left a depression, and unless the ping pong ball rolled fast enough, it would get "sucked into" the bowling ball, as it couldn't escape the dip?