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The Dark Knight may have made Batman deeper than the average superhero in the eyes of millions, but don't expect the new comic book version to offer social commentary, according to his new writer.


Judd Winick, who'll be taking over the writing duties of the regular Batman series in June, told Comic Book Resources that he plans to stick squarely to punching and kicking when it comes to his aims for the character:

We're talking three-issue arcs, four-issue arcs where it's Batman whooping it up, kicking ass, getting his ass kicked and coming back and kicking some more ass. This is a superhero book and it's one of the things that I enjoy. I mean, I do enjoy Batman as a masked detective but I myself enjoy Batman beating the living hell out of people in various ways, shapes and forms... This is a "Batman" title. And I don't think it will have any of the social commentary, which I've done maybe five or six times out of 10 years I've written comics. Which apparently, everybody thinks I do in every single issue or something... There's going to be nothing viewed as an after school special in this run of "Batman." There's lots of touchy-feely shit along with the beating up of bad guys. And explosions and dangling from sides of buildings and what not because I like writing humanistic characters but all that crap that everyone usually whines about that I do, I obviously won't be that doing here.


Me, I'm a fan of a Batman who does more than just beat people up, but that's why they make so many Batman comics, so everyone can get the Bat they want, I guess...

Under The Hood With Judd Winick, Pt 1 [Comic Book Resources]

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