The New Batman Has Another, More Batman-y Costume

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The identity of DC’s new Batman, making his official debut in today’s Batman #41, isn’t his most controversial aspect: It’s the hulking new “BatMech” outfit, which is a little less Dark Knight, and a little more Iron Avenger. But it turns out he has an alternate costume out of the suit that’s much more like Batman.


Minor spoilers ahead for Batman #41, of course.

Jim Gordon may be Batman now — hence the gigantic suit of Gotham City PD branded armor he’s tooling around in his new role — but his getup hardly allows for Jim to do the sort of sneaky sleuthing Batman usually does. So it’s a good job then that he has a secondary Batsuit, one that’s much closer to the usual Batman aesthetic we know and love:

Illustration for article titled The New Batman Has iAnother/i, More Batman-y Costume

Ah, much better, Jim. Thanks for asking!

I kind of like how it looks without a cape — something Jim wouldn’t need if he’s climbing in and out of his armor suit on a regular basis — and the new Bat symbol looks nice. It’s interesting to see that, just as he does in the Iron Batsuit, Jim’s packing heat in his alternate look, too. Bruce Wayne would be spinning in his proverbial grave, if he wasn’t getting ready to get back out of it soon, presumably. Because, you know, comic books.

We’ll see how long Jim Gordon’s run as Batman lasts, but for now, at least we can appreciate that he looks pretty good while on the job.

[Via Comic Book]


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Zach Miller

So, spoilers be damned, what happened to Bruce Wayne? Is he dead again? Or did he just mysteriously disappear?

Jim Gordon without facial hair is...unnerving. Also with that...sinuous torso.

Look away, Barbara.