The New Allegiant Trailer Is Just What You Need For Your Friday Afternoon Nap

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There are trailers that are ridiculous, over-the-top dramatic, and clearly composed of the only good parts of the movie. The third movie in the Divergent series has produced one that we think is supposed be “sexy” and “deep,” but is really more “boring” and “soporific.”

The most surprising thing about the Allegiant trailer is the sudden reminder that there are still two more of these movies to go. You wouldn’t think that a trailer that flirts so close to the line of nudity would be so hard to watch, but here you go. Some of our staff didn’t even make it to the end. The term “the Coldplay of movie trailers” was batted around. But, you know, judge for yourself and all that. Or just use it to fix your persistent insomnia problem.

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I’ve watched both movies and had quite a few discussions on the matter, but I still don’t know what the hell being Divergent actually means.