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For a number of reasons, the story of Alice in Wonderland has always had a strong connection to drugs. And yet, it’s weird to see it manifest so overtly in the latest look at the Disney sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Complete with Pink’s rendition of “White Rabbit,” the trailer really makes you want to get high and watch it on repeat. Or just go to the theater on May 27. Watch it below.

So no, that’s not Jefferson Airplane you hear singing about Alice in Wonderland. And no it’s not Tim Burton directing this sequel to his billion dollar 2010 live action hit. This time it’s Muppets director James Bobin at the helm, and he’s made a film that kind of looks more like a Muppets movie than anything else.


Yes, this new trailer is very colorful, trippy and pleasing to the eye. But so was the entire first movie. Because of that, even Sacha Baron Cohen as Time can’t help curb our skepticism about this one. It would be wonderful to be proven wrong, but we’ve been down this rabbit hole one too many times.

But still, if you’re into it, we’re jealous. And we get it. Here’s a behind the scenes video too.

And the poster.


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