The Neverending Story: 20 Years Later

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Ever wonder what happened to the bullies after a giant white dragon chased them into a dumpster in the grand finale of The Neverending Story? This little video catches up with the kids, 20 years later.

You we always thought that was a little extreme, seems like Falkor really should have had better judgment. Can we check in on The Goonies next?

[Via Slashfilm]

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I want a remake of the Never Ending Story, but have found it hard to figure out what the point would be.

The original Never Ending Story talked about how reading was fading away with young people, how people just gave up reading for TV and Video Games... but in my opinion, even with Border's closing, and Libraries vanishing... reading is up. Yeah it might be Twilight, or Harry Potter, but in my honest opinion, reading is up. More people are reading then when I was a kid, I never saw lines for books when I was 10, now that I'm over 30, I see people who can't wait for the next Harry Potter / Twilight fandom for kids to line up to pick up.

Texting and messaging people are also stimulating reading, maybe not imaginative reading, but reading none the less. The internet is allowing kids to post their own (mostly bad written) works of literature.

If anything, kids today have a problem with thinking for themselves. Questioning things and delving into a subject. They are told to believe that something is popular, they are forced and bombarded with marketing that make them believe "Brand X" is the big thing.

Kids got bullied when I was kid for being a geek, now it's not wearing Calvin Klein, or a popular brand of clothing.

There's also a problem with language when people use BFF and LOL in a sentence. Can't people just laugh? Why say LOL?