The Neuromancer Movie Lives Again

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The long-delayed movie adaptation of William Gibson’s Neuromancer has a second chance at life now that a Chinese media company has stepped up with money.


A film’s been in the works for nearly a decade. In 2007, it was going to be helmed by Joseph Kahn. Then, in 2010, it was in the hands of Vicenzo Natali (Cube), who rewrote the script. Now, producer Lucas Foster (Mr and Mrs Smith) is in talks with a new set of writers and director.

UK team GFM Films has partnered with the Chinese C2M Media Group to co-develop and co-finance Neuromancer. GFM’s been committed to this project for years, putting out posters and concept art. They really want to get this done, and if money is their stumbling block, this partnership may be what they need to get it done.


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I’m torn. I doubt that it will happen. I want it to, but I expect that I’ll regret the finished product. We remember what happened to Johnny Mnemonic.