The Net Generation Loves Entrepreneurialism, MySpace, and Columbine

Were you born between 1974-83? Do you have implanted pop cultural memories of The O.C., Jackass, Britney Spears, online social networks, and high school shooters? Joshua Glenn, who spins the brilliant Brainiac blog at the Boston Globe, has just written an intriguing essay that explores the Net Generation as a glorious and weird cultural stereotype. What's cool about Glenn's writing is the way he effortlessly weaves together so many touchstones for this generation, from the highbrow journal n+1 to the lowbrow American Idol. These are 20- and 30-somethings who grew up in a world of violent media interconnectedness, Glenn suggests, and it's no wonder they tend to hit their prime young and flame out, in YouTube-is-watching Britney style. Check out the essay. It's a fun, provocative read about a generation that's just putting its stamp on the world. [Brainiac]


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Annalee Newitz

@aspiringexpatriate: I think it's just a description of BitTorrent.