The Mystery Of Lost's Sayid Crystal-Sex Video — Solved!

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Have you seen the video creeping about the internet, featuring one suspended Naveen Andrews having weird levitating sex with the numbers 1, 2 and 3? Well the mystery is over. No it is not a new lab or even a hatch, in fact it's a video for something much more sinister. Also, click to enlarge this fantastic new poster for Lost season five.

According to Lost uber site Dark UFO, this ominous Youtube is nothing more than an ad for the rebranding of the Sky satellite network in the UK. Also there have been spots for Prison Break and Bones just like this. Next time you're going to make up scenarios with the sexy Sayid and Lost-like pink smoke monsters, some warning would be welcome. [Dark UFO]


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Meredith Woerner

You leave my brave Sayid out of your viral marketing Sky. Also isn't the poster very Sharks and Jets. I'm waiting for Hurley to yell "Cool" and then Locke yells "Crazy"