The mysterious Superman female lead could be a famous villainess. Plus why Robin might be in Batman 3 after all!

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We might know who the mysterious female lead of the Superman reboot actually is, and it's a famous baddie from a classic Superman movie... although don't count out Lois Lane just yet. The latest insane rumor for The Dark Knight Rises says Robin will be involved, but we have our doubts. Plus James Cameron talks filming underwater in the Avatar sequels, more Spidey reboot set photos, as well as casting updates for The Avengers, Dark Shadows, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Mountains of Madness.


Spoilers ahead!

The Dark Knight Rises

This report from a local Michigan news station indicates the presence of a very unexpected character:

According to Eaton County and Grand Ledge officials who didn't want to be identified due to confidentiality agreements, production crews from "The Dark Knight Rises" scouted locations in Grand Ledge's Fitzgerald Park last week.

They looked at the Ledges as well as a water treatment plant located inside the park. Sources say the area is being considered as a hideout for Batman sidekick Robin.


So, could the Boy Wonder be in this movie? In a word, no. In two words, hell no. This is almost certainly a garbled report where some key details got confused, even assuming the basic facts of the report are accurate to being with. Both Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have been pretty clear that they have no interest in including Robin in their Batman movies, and besides... does it make any logical sense that some random local officials would have been given the top secret information that Robin is involved in the movie, particularly when that fact wouldn't be remotely relevant to preliminary location scouting? So yeah, as fun as it might be to suggest Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing the Robin to Bale's That isn't happening. [WILX]


The various Superman rumors have gotten rather terrifically complicated, so let's try to unravel all this. Last weekend, the word was that Lois Lane was not the film's female lead, and that whoever this character was, the main contenders were Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike. Kruger has now denied any involvement, and the latest rumor is that the female character in question is Ursa, the Kryptonian lover of General Zod. Of course, it's conceivable to include Ursa without Zod — and all previous indications were that Zod isn't in the film, as director Zack Snyder pretty much denied it completely — but Ursa by herself seems like an unusual choice.

Now, for those who were worried the absence of Lois Lane meant the film would be stuck in prequel territory (although one might consider that's where Batman Begins spent the vast majority of its running time, and that movie turned out OK), here's some good news: Lois Lane is still in the film, at least according to one inside source. It doesn't appear we're any closer to narrowing down the long, long list of rumored names for Lois Lane that we've already heard, assuming those are even accurate.

So, what are we left with? Alice Eve and Rosamund Pike might be vying for Ursa... even though General Zod isn't supposed to be in this film. That one is harder to figure out, but hey, at least Lois Lane is still in the movie. Probably. Maybe. [Examiner]


Black Swan Kristina Anapau confirms she's one of the actresses involved in the casting process, saying she's read for the female lead. She offered these hints to What's Playing:

"I don't know what I can tell you — you're very warm… all of the names on your previous list were or are still in the running for this role last I heard. They're swaying between big names and smaller names. I can't tell you specifics of the role — I don't know what I can say, sorry... Things are changing every day on that movie — things changed a lot when a British Superman was cast. What's happening here is the filming location may be dictating the casting. Did you notice none of those girls you just mentioned are Americans? I don't think it's got as much to do with them not wanting to overshadow Superman, as that article suggests..."


So, if there's any truth to this - and this is all still essentially gossip, even with a named source - then a lot of the names we've heard both for Lois Lane and the other female lead really are in contention, and shooting may be taking place primarily outside the US, which means the filmmakers prefer a non-American actress. Don't treat any of this as more than rumor, of course, until we hear something official. [What's Playing]

Avatar 2 and 3

James Cameron discussed the underwater sequences in the sequels...and the latest new technology they'll have to invent just to film the scenes:

"'Avatar' does have some underwater stuff, but it will mostly involve characters that are the Na'vi and the Avatars. So we have to figure out how to do performance capture underwater, which has never been done. That's a whole other problem."


[MTV Movies Blog]

The Avengers

We're still waiting for the final confirmation that How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders is playing Maria Hill, although most reports indicate it's just a matter of time. Deadline's report, however, includes one unexpected tidbit, as it lists Tom Hiddleston returning as Loki. Sort of like the Robin story, I'd say this is just as likely to be a garbled communication as anything else — Hiddleston himself has very strongly hinted that Loki will be in the film, but that's all we've heard, and I suspect this is just presenting Hiddleston's implications as facts. [Deadline]


Spider-Man Reboot

Here's a bunch more photos of Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man. [/Film]

However Irrfan Khan's Van Atter character fits into the movie, it won't be as a costumed Proto-Goblin. Khan told the Indian Express that his one condition for director Marc Webb is that he wouldn't "be a masked villain or become another creature." The link also shows some more set photos that seem to indicate one reason why this movie has gone back to mechanical web-shooters — so that they can, in time-honored comics tradition, run out at an absolutely critical moment. [Nerd Reactor]


Dark Shadows

Casino Royale star Eva Green is reportedly set to join the cast as the witch Angelique, who shares a unique relationship with Johnny Depp's vampire protagonist Barnabas Collins. It pretty much involves a lot of killing each other, but let's not forget the love, shall we? [Deadline]


Oz the Great and Powerful

Johnny Depp has reportedly passed on the title role in Sam Raimi's Oz prequel - a role Robert Downey Jr. was originally set to play - and Raimi may now be turning to one of his Spider-Man stars to take on the role. James Franco is reportedly the next person on Raimi's wishlist to take on the role. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Mountains of Madness

Tom Cruise is very close to starring in James Cameron and Guillermo del Toro's H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, according to Cameron himself:

"I don't think we have a deal with him yet, but we're hoping to get that closed soon. Guillermo is madly working on a new draft of the script. Hopefully we'll be shooting by June or July."


[MTV News]

Seventh Son

A project that boldly rides the line between sounding kinda awesome and completely terrible, this movie considers an 18th century exorcist played by Jeff Bridges, who trains his apprentice played by I Am Number Four's Alex Pettyfer and deals with a witch played by Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence. So yeah...could be interesting. [Just Jared]


Doctor Who

Here's some more absolutely amazing set photos from the pirate-themed episode 3 currently filming in Cornwall. They reveal Amy is dressing up like a pirate and swinging from the rigging. I am just ridiculously excited for this episode. [Blogtor Who; you can also check out various set reports at the Doctor Who News Page]


Little Britain co-creator and Doctor Who super-fan David Walliams has revealed that he will be playing an alien in an episode due to shoot in about three weeks. If I had to guess, this may be for episode 10, which is supposedly being written by "School Reunion" and "Vampires of Venice" scribe Toby Whithouse, but that's just speculation. [Blogtor Who]


Here's a promo for this week's episode, "Immortality": [Fringe Television]

True Blood

Denis O'Hare says there's still a definite possibility he will return as Russell Edgington, although it likely won't be for a little while:

"I left them on a high. They have been very, very nice to me, and they tell me that they think I'm going to come back. And I'm waiting. We'll see what happens. Someone discussed a possible idea with me, which, of course, I can't tell you. But it's a very cool idea. It's not far fetched, but it's not something that you would see coming."


[The Hollywood Reporter]

The Cape

Here's a synopsis for episode 10, "The Lich Part 2", which may have become the show's de facto series finale:

THE CAPE MUST RELY ON DANA TO HELP RESCUE ORWELL FROM THE LICH–The Cape (David Lyons), Max (Keith David) and Rollo (Martin Klebba) are forced to rely on Dana's (Jennifer Ferrin) legal connections to help them discover The Lich's whereabouts. Heavily entranced by Conrad Chandler's (The Lich) potent serum, Orwell (Summer Glau) struggles to fight off the physiological and mental effects of the strong dose. Meanwhile, Netta's (guest star Illeana Douglas) strange loyalty to The Lich is clarified. In a sedated, weak state, Orwell drifts between reality and fantasy sequences, which slowly reveal her history and past.




Here's the synopsis for the mindbendingly meta episode "The French Mistake", set to air February 25:

SAM AND DEAN ARE TRANSPORTED TO AN ALTERNATE REALITY - Raphael (guest star Lanette Ware) launches an attack on Castiel (Misha Collins) and his allies, sending a particularly frightening angelic hitman (guest star Carlos Sanz) after Balthazar (guest star Sebastian Roche), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). In an effort to protect the brothers, Balthazar sends them to an alternate universe where they are the stars of a TV show called "Supernatural" and they are actors named "Jensen Ackles" and "Jared Padalecki." The brothers are confused when Castiel appears to be a tweet-happy actor named Misha Collins and Sam is married to Ruby (Genevieve Cortese).



Memphis Beat actor Sam Henning has been cast as Samuel Colt, the legendary hunter that the Winchester brothers meet in the time travelling episode 17, "Trail of the Dead (aka The Gallow's Pole)." Executive producer Sera Gamble describes the character:

"He's an iconic character for the show, and has been since season one. We'll be meeting him later in his life, after many years of fighting demons and tinkering with magic weapons and Devil's Gates and such. Time hasn't been too kind to the guy-which is pretty par for the course, for a hunter."


[TV Line]

Being Human (UK)

Here's a promo for episode 4, "The Pack": [SpoilerTV]


Star Eric Mabius says this show about the colonization of another world after Earth's destruction will appeal even to non science fiction fans because it hits that tricky balance between classy and lots of sex:

"I don't especially like sci-fi but there's lots of sex going on, lots of controversy, religious repression. Lots of juicy bits for people to get their teeth into. That's what was so appealing about it. There is just enough sci-fi to satisfy fans of the genre but it's really more about pioneers starting out on a new planet. It's done in a classy enough way that even if you don't like that genre you will buy it."


[The Sun]


Here are some sneak peeks for episode five, "Concordia": [SpoilerTV]


Here are some photos and an official description for episode 14, "Fortune", featuring a guest appearance by DC Comics villain Amos Fortune:

ZATANNA GIVES THE GANG A SERIOUS HANGOVER - After Zatanna sends a magically spiked bottle of champagne to Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) for their bachelor/bachlorette parties, the gang blacks out after the toast, only to wake up the next morning and realize they can't remember anything about the night before. While trying to retrace their steps, Lois realizes she lost her engagement ring and drags Oliver (Justin Hartley) back to the Fortune Casino where she thinks she lost it. The two run into Fortune (guest star James Kidnie), the eccentric casino owner, who accuses them of stealing money from him. Meanwhile, Clark tells Chloe (Allison Mack) he has a memory of stealing an armored truck the night before.


For what it's worth (pretty much nothing), IMDB says Michael Rosenbaum will be back as Lex Luthor for episode 20, "Prophecy." So... get vaguely excited? [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Chelsea Lo Pinto and Charlie Jane Anders.


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