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The Mutant Ravepocalypse In Skrillex's New Music Video Confuses And Amazes Me

I’m going to be the first person to admit that quite frankly, I have no idea what compelled me to watch Skrillex’s new video for his remix of GTA’s “Red Lips.” But, just under four minutes later, I’m equally astounded at the weirdly funky mutant disco rave it depicted in between the oontz-oontz-oontzing.


I could take or leave the combination of dubs and steps that form the actual song the video is for. The same is not true for the weird, trippy apocalypse it reveals—in which some remarkably creepy shadow monsters chase a young woman (the vocalist of the original song, Sam Bruno) through a ravaged wasteland. Bruno seeks solace in a bunker housing a weird box of bugs/bats/things that shoot out of a fountain, and then... the mutant ravepocalypse happens?

Look, I genuinely don’t know—but it’s enough of a weirdly auteur video that, if you muted the actual song and simply watched, would play just as well as an avant garde sci-fi short as it does for Skrillex’s latest bass-warbling tune, as I believe the kids would describe it. You can check out the video below, and then head on over to Pitchfork to read what Skrillex thought about during the creative process for creating the video below.

[Via Pitchfork]

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Still better than X-Men 3.