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Over the past few years, retro video game enthusiast Doctor Octoroc has designed nifty 8-bit versions of such science fiction shows as Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who, which he unveiled yesterday. To make matters even groovier, Octoroc has released MP3s of all his chiptune scifi soundtracks on his website. Here's a veritable jukebox of free bleep-bloop music. Just follow the below links to the corresponding zip files.


- Matt Smith-era Doctor Who soundtrack (video here)
- The Battlestar Galactica soundtrack (a personal favorite, video here)
- The Game of Thrones soundtrack (video here)
- The Harry Potter cinematic soundtrack (video here)
- The Breaking Bad soundtrack (video here, our favorite moments from that show)
- Doctor Who, in the style of Super Nintendo (video here)
- Another Doctor Who 16-bit reinterpretation
- The Doctor Horrible soundtrack (video here)
- And finally, Twilight for those of you with a thing for pixelated werewolves


You can find more soundtracks at Doctor Octoroc's website. And for more retro tunes, see the Daft Punk chiptunes album.


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