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The Mountain Goats Go To The Moon, Harvest Your Organs

Illustration for article titled The Mountain Goats Go To The Moon, Harvest Your Organs

How did we miss the fact that the Mountain Goats released an EP set in an organ-harvesting facility on the Moon? Moon Colony Bloodbath, a collaboration with John Vanderslice, has a story like Duncan Jones' Moon, only much darker.


As far as we can tell, Moon Colony Bloodbath was only released as limited-edition vinyl album, with no digital or CD versions available — and the limited edition seems to have sold out. (Or at least, the product page is no longer working.) But we're intrigued by this plot description of the concept album, from one review:

The album tells the story of the secret organ harvesting colony on, you guessed it, the moon. Our protagonist works up there for six months at a time and spends his six months off in just as much isolation at his government provided land in Colorado. The first song, ‘Surrounded', opens up with our hero returning home to a snow storm. He rides out the storm which causes a blackout and cuts the cable, barricading him in his home with his generator, an antenna and his 96 inch television. The rest of the story plays out like Edgar Allen Poe or HP Lovecraft. Upon his return to the Moon he starts sleeping in the incubators used for the organ harvesting operation. Eventually, its unclear if by psychosis or a disaster, he has to turn to cannibalism to survive.


We interviewed the head Mountain Goat, John Darnielle, about his science fictional influences here.

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Was disappointed to see their recent appearance on Colbert performing a track from their newest LP, "Songs we named exclusively after Bible verses." Not the actual title, but that's the album in a nutshell. They're doing Christian rock now, apparently. Not my cuppa.

This does sound neat, though. And what a kickass jacket!