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There are tons of rumors about the mysterious extra scene that The Avengers allegedly filmed after its world premiere. Plus there are massive Robocop casting rumors! Noomi Rapace tells you everything you need to know about her Prometheus hero.

Check out new photos for Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Shadows, Total Recall, and more.


Plus all the latest rumors on Fringe's renewal chances.

Let's get going, with spoilers!

Top image from The Avengers.

The Dark Knight Rises

Here are a few more promo photos of Batman and Bane. [IGN]

The Avengers

Here's a new sneak peek.

As we reported the other day, both Robert Downey, Jr. and Mark Ruffalo claimed they were shooting a new scene this past weekend. Odds are they were just messing with everyone, what with the movie already having premiered and all, but the rumor is it's a post-credits scene that deals with the fallout from the death of a major character — and his rebirth as a familiar Marvel character, specifically the android Vision. This sounds like fairly transparent bullshit, but feel free to judge for yourself. [Comic Book Movie]


Besides, there are rumors of a totally different post-credits scene, in any case. The most commonly reported version is that Thanos shows up to reflect on Loki's failed invasion of Earth, and he tells another alien that he will succeed where the Asgardian failed, with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet. So, pure setup for Avengers 2 — if true — and I'd say more likely than these Coulson Vision rumors. [Comic Book]

Also, for a massive compendium of spoilers or rumors from last week's screenings, go here and here. I can't vouch for their veracity, though.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Here's an international trailer, featuring mostly the same footage we've seen in previous trailers.


Here's a new poster. [AddictoMovie]

Here's a new promo photo from Entertainment Weekly, one of a bunch of newly released photos for various movies. More of them in a little bit. [Coming Soon]



Original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Noomi Rapace discusses her role as the film's protagonist Elizabeth Shaw, and how she represents the faith side of the movie's thematic debate between faith and science:

Yes — she is a scientist and she grew up in Africa and her father was a priest, so she has been raised close to God, seeing different cultures and different people living under different conditions from a very early age. She has been travelling around, seeing different life forms since she was quite young. But her father died when she was young so she has been on her own and she has been able to turn and to use God and things that have happened to her in a constructive way. So she became a scientist but she still has a great gift of believing. It's an interesting conflict that we [points to Ridley Scott] were talking about a lot, being a scientist but still believing in God. What she's looking for out there and this whole mission is very personal to her; it's like something she has been living with and waiting for and wanting to do her whole life, in a way.

And is it about retaining faith in the middle of horrible things happening to you? Visiting hell, essentially?
Yes. She goes through a lot of things in the movie and she transforms. You know, in the beginning she is not maybe naïve, but she is full of hope and a true believer and then things happen and she becomes a survivor and a fighter and a warrior in a way. I'm not sure that she is so convinced at the end of the movie. I think she realises that it wasn't really what she expected.


And costar Charlize Theron discusses her role as the mysterious company representative Meredith Vickers:

It's weird because a lot of what makes her the enigma that she is in the beginning comes across as very quintessentially ‘suity', I guess, like detached and cold. And she really does seem to be just there for the sole purpose of making everybody's life hell, as suits tend to want to do! She's just causing a lot of red tape and she's not a believer, she's not a scientist, she really is just there to make sure that you think that everything is going to plan. But she's actually there for a very personal reason, of which I cannot speak.

There's plenty more at the link, including comments from costar Michael Fassbender and director Ridley Scott. [Empire Online]


Memento star Guy Pearce discusses his experience working on the film, in which he has a small role as business titan Peter Weyland:

"It was great. I really wasn't there that much; it's not a huge role, so I came on board in the middle of their shoot, and was just there for about a month in the middle, I guess. But it was fascinating, obviously, because of the history of the Alien films and the connection with those. And it was great to work with Ridley, obviously; I've been a fan of his work for years. He truly makes the experience feel quite small and intimate, and very personable. You don't feel intimidated by the massive vehicle that it actually is. And just to clarify, it obviously is connected to the Alien films, but they're keen to say that it's not just a prequel; it's much more than that."



Now that director Jose Padilha has cast The Killing star Joel Kinnaman in the title role, the attention turns to the rest of the cast — and there are some seriously big names attached, albeit ones best taken with a grain of salt. First up is Fight Club's Edward Norton, who would reportedly play a character actually called Norton, who is the designer of Robocop. Y Tu Mama Tambien star Gael Garcia Bernal would reportedly play the "dashingly handsome police partner" of Robocop Alex Murphy and who eventually becomes the new boyfriend of Robocop's ex-wife Clara — a part to which The Town's Rebecca Hall is attached. Finally, there's "interest" in Milk's Sean Penn to play a right-wing journalist named Novack, though it's an open question whether that interest is mutual. [Tracking Board]


Avatar 2

Director James Cameron says his recent expedition to the Marianas Trench has nothing to do with filming for the Avatar sequel:

"Completely spurious rumor. People try to connect the dots, right? If they think of you first as a filmmaker, then all of the exploration stuff must be so that you can be a better filmmaker. Wrong conclusion. That's like [saying] 'A frog with no legs is deaf.' The correct conclusion is I do the movies to pay for the expeditions, so every once in a while, I have to come back to make a movie," Cameron said. "It's pretty much that simple."


He went on to say that making the Avatar sequel is really more of a priority for the studios than it is for him. Don't expect it anytime soon, basically. [MTV News]


Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky's big Noah's Ark reimagining has set a release date of March 28, 2014. [MTV Movies Blog]


Dark Shadows

Here are two more promo photos of Johnny Depp's pale vampire Barnabas Collins. [IGN]


Total Recall


And now, more of the new batch of Entertainment Weekly photos, kicking off with Len Wiseman and Colin Farrell's Total Reboot...

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Advertisement's another...

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Advertisement this one...

Men in Black 3


...and here's the last set. [Coming Soon]

Doctor Who

Here are some new set photos from the New York City filming, courtesy of


And here some more photos from the Central Park filming. There's also a video below. [Doctor Who News and Daily Mail]


The current rumors are that a 13-episode renewal for a fifth and final season is likely to come this week, though anything - including outright cancellation - is still on the table. This week's episode "Letters of Transit" is said to open the door to a fifth season from a narrative perspective, and that might have something to do with its 2036 setting. The cast has revealed that multiple endings have been shot for the end of the season, with one meant to serve as a series finale while others opening the door for the next season, though it sounds like all of them will serve to wrap up the bulk of season four's storylines. For some more details, check out the link. [TV Line]


Here's the promo for this Friday's episode, "Letters of Transit", which is the season's big experimental episode. [Fringe Television]


Here's a promo for this Friday's episode, "Cat and Mouse."

And here are some promo photos for the episode. [KSiteTV]


Here's a sneak peek at this week's episode, "Of Grave Importance."


Here's a sneak peek at tonight's fifth season premiere, "Lost."

The Vampire Diaries

Here's a promo for this week's new Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle episodes, "Heart of Darkness" and "Crystal."

Here are some promo photos for the upcoming episodes airing in May. [SpoilerTV]

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