Anton Brzezinski has made a name for himself with his homages to surrealist artists like Dali, and has styled himself "the Polish Picasso." But he got his start painting giant reproductions of Frank R. Paul's classic science fiction magazine covers for Forrest E. Ackerman, with colors that burst with life.

According to Frank Wu's website, Ackerman commissioned Brzezinski to "recreate and bring to life" several of Paul's classic magazine covers in oil paints. And for a while, Ackerman was selling reproductions of Brzezinski's paintings through a now-defunct website. It's not unlike Glenn Brown's re-imaginings of Chris Foss covers, except much less pricey and with no claim to be anything other than "Amazing Scifi Art."

Stuff to Blow Your Mind has a gallery of Brzezinski's versions of Paul's art— and sure enough, the images really will blow your mind. Check out some of our favorites below, and more at the link. [Stuff to Blow Your Mind]