The most underrated job at NASA is driving their awesome Dodge Charger

Driving a high-altitude ER-2 aircraft for NASA may sound like a glamorous gig, but it pales in comparison to cruising around in the organization's souped-up Dodge Charger. From NASA:

Landing an ER-2 can be tricky. Its wings give the aircraft glider-like qualities and the aircraft is sensitive to crosswinds. Both the ascent and descent rates are fast and steep. Moreover, even normal operations in the ER-2 are difficult for the pilot encased in a pressure suit.

This is where the white Charger comes in. The 2010-model car, driven by another experienced ER-2 pilot called a mobile pilot, literally "charges" down the runway in high-speed chase of the ER-2. Communicating with the aircraft pilot, the mobile pilot calls out the distance in feet from the landing gear to the runway in an effort to help the pilot make a smooth landing.


Yes, you have to be a pilot to pal around in the Charger. I absolutely love its sirens and design. It makes NASA come across as a bunch of Star Cops.

[Via Airboyd]


Switch Dodge Charger for the Tumbler and I'm there.

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