We all love seafood — but the ocean can be a terrifying place. The ocean depths are home to some deadly and poisonous creatures... so of course, people always try to eat them. Here are the scariest fish dishes you could possibly eat.

One of the most deadliest dishes ever: Fugu (blowfish), the fish that contains tetrodoxin in its inestines, ovaries and liver, which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide, popular in Japan

Hakarl, the Icelandic national dish consisting of any sleeper shark (but Greenland shark in most cases) fermented and hung to dry for 4-5 months.

The traditional swedish dish named Surströmming, which is fermented Baltic sea herring that you could only eat outdoors because of its smell

Yin-yang fish, a Taiwanese dish consists of a deep-fried whole fish that is still alive after cooking. It is also popular in China.

The jelly-like lutefisk (means lye fish), a traditional Nordic dish made from aged stockfish or dried whitefish... and lye.

Ikizukuri, a Japanese dish made of fish, octopus, lobster or shrimp filleted alive

Sannakji, a Korean dish of freshly cut live octopodes with sesame and sesame oil.

Drunken shrimp, a fresh-water shrimp often eaten alive after being stunned in a strong distilled Asian spirit named baijiu (or shaojiu). In some parts of Asia the shrimp is cooked after being treated in alcohol.

The case of a beheaded octopus or squid and soy sauce in Japan

The brown or red-colored fish sauce, made in Thailand by putting some freshly caught fish in a jar of salt water and leaving it in the sun for 9-12 months.