When you make a movie called Horny House of Horror, you've got a certain... standard to live up to. And luckily, this Japanese import goes all-out. Basically, it's about a bordello where the women kill — and generally mutilate — their customers. And in this scene, the hapless John is undone by a vagina dentata. With the most disturbing sound effect we've heard since the Human Centipede 2 trailer.


Seriously, this is disturbing, and quite NSFW!

The best part about Horny House of Horror isn't really all the bizarre, inventive ways the mutant sex workers despatch their customers, including acidic lube and samurai swords — it's the soundtrack, which is full of wah-wah pedal guitar at levels of grooviness not heard since the mid-1970s. If they release a soundtrack CD for this movie, it would be more of a must-buy than the actual film.