The Most Popular Dog Breeds and Names in NYC, Mapped

Earlier this year, radio station WNYC mined the the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's dog license registration database to produce this map of dog breed popularity. Unsurprisingly, small breeds are popular in the city. Well, except Labs. Nothing stops the American obsession with Labs.

You can see WNYC's data here, but the important things to know are 1) it's only of registered dogs, which excludes a lot of pets and 2) they've excluded the most popular breed of "mixed/other."


They did the same kind of map for dog names. As above, the size of the names roughly corresponds to their popularity:

Definitely check out the website; these are just portions of a large and interactive set of maps. Plus, they've got a dog name game and some great top 10 lists. Here are just two of them:


First of all, Yoda is more popular dog name than Chewbacca? Second of all, how many of the Lokis and Thors were inspired by the Marvel characters?

Any other great geeky pet names out there? For example, I managed to convince my parents to name our dogs Jack, Daniel, and Samantha. (Teal'c was a no-go.)


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