Having taken the weekend to sift through the mysteries and the glories of the newest trailer for Game of Thrones' fifth season, we feel ready to finally get into the details of what awaits us when the show returns on April 12th. So watch the trailer one more time, and then join us for the breakdown here!

These are in no particular order, but potential mild spoilers ahead...

The biggest addition to the fifth season is of course Dorne, ruled by Prince Doran Martell, brother of the late Oberyn Martell. Remember, Cersei's daughter Myrcella was shipped to Dorne to be married a few seasons ago, and we haven't seen her since, although we know Cersei does not like that she's there. Also notice the two tiny figures running in the lower-center.

In the preview, it seems pretty clear that Jaime and Bross head to Dorne, possibly to retrieve Myrcella. On the way there, it looks like they're accosted by this gentleman, who Bronn appears to take down. But there's a later shot of this dude knocking Jaime on his butt. And then there's this:

Jaime, being led into what is almost certainly Dorne's capitol at Sunspear, possibly against his will. He certainly doesn't look happy.

Meanwhile, the war between the Night's Watch and the Wildings continues. There are several shots of Jon Snow leading a group of Watch members as the Wildings, led by Rattleshirt, attack a smaller fort of some kind. But the most interesting shot is this one: The three people facing the pyre are likely Davos, Stannis and Melisandre... but who's going to be burned in the pyre? It must be someone important to warrant Stannis paying his respects, but in a later shot the face of the body is obscured by flames.

Two unknown young girls walking in the woods? I'd bet my Braavosi coin that this is young Cersei and her friend in one of season 5's much-discussed flashback scenes. Also...

This is likely young Cersei, probably getting ready to receive a rather important prophecy.

Meanwhile, in King's Landing, we know that the new High Septon, the very devout leader of the Faith of the Seven (played by Jonathan Pryce), will play a major role in this season. Here, it seems his acolytes are not fond of all the booze the people are drinking, which should endear them to Cersei.

Meet the Sand Snakes! The badass and bastard daughters of Oberyn Martells, these ladies take after their father. From left to right, meet Nymeria Sand, Obara Sand, and Tyene Sand (standing next to Oberyn's paramour Ellaria). Notice that Nymeria has used her whip to knock the bucket of the head of a dude buried up to his chin in sand and surrounded by scorpions. Bad ass.

A close-up of Obara, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes.

I do not know who the woman above is — maybe she's another Sand Sanke? — but I am pretty sure she's macking on Jaime.

Cersei gets a special delivery of a snake statue with a medallion necklace in its mouth. Is this the message that inspires her to send Jaime to Dorne, or is this the result of Jaime being captured?

Obviously, the most amazing part of the season 5 trailer was the Harpy of Meereen being forcibly torn down, which a screenshot does not do justice. And there are several other shots of golden-masked people storming through the streets of Meereen, with a pro-"Kill the Masters" message. This seemed to be Daenerys' platform, but some of the slaves asked her to reconsider last season... but it appears that some of the Meereenese aren't fans of her policy. That's the only reason I can think of why they would stage a revolt against Daenerys, whom they have surrounded here...

And last but certainly not least, we know that Arya is headed to Braavos to meet with the Faceless Men, the magical assassins with include season 2's Jaqen H'ghar. If there was a headquarters for the weirdly Zen killers, I'm betting it would be an ominous building with a plain, but large, black and white door.