I hope you’ve been saving up, because this is going to be expensive. Here’s all the action figures, statues, and other merchandise you’ll be getting at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con and nowhere else (…except maybe on eBay later for an exorbitant price).

G.I. Joe Vs. Transformers, Hasbro

This massive set includes the G.I. Joe VAMP jeep as Hound, a Skystriker as Jetfire, Snake Eyes, a robot samurai, the Baroness with Ravage on a leach and even a tiny Blaster in his boombox form. ($99.99)

Transformers Generation Metroplex, Hasbro

Standing two full feet tall, this Metroplex figure is now the biggest Transformer ever made. The SDCC version has a metallic paint scheme, foil stickers and 12 miniature Autobot and Decepticon figures, as well as a full-size Scamper. ($149.99)

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Shockwave’s Laboratory, Hasbro

A G1-colored Shockwave experiments on a partially translucent Predaking, but this exclusive’s real feature is the awesome laboratory packing. ($49.99)

Marvel Universe Deadpool Corps, Hasbro

Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Champion of the Universe, Kidpool (who really should be named Kiddypool), Dogpool and Squirrelpool receive the 3.75-inch figure treatment. More importantly, each figure is packed in special taco packaging, with the complete set inside a taco truck. ($49.99)

My Little Pony DJ Pon-3, Hasbro

The master of music in Equestria might not be quite as popular as last year’s SDCC exclusive (the artist formerly known as Derpy Hooves), but she’s close. She comes in light-up packaging to help bust grooves. ($49.99)

Glitter n’ Gold Jem, Hasbro

This new version of the classic Jem doll is packaged exactly the same as the original, just minus a cassette single. She comes with an alternate dress, several shoes, and a gold record trophy. ($140)

Star Wars Black Boba Fett, Hasbro

The new 6-inch Star Wars toyline decides to release Boba Fett as a con-only exclusive. That should work out well. Actually, Hasbro will almost certainly release Fett again later, but he might not include Han Solo in Carbonite, so you might not want to pass. ($49.99)

Superman III (Evil Version), Hot Toys

Hot Toys does it again, this time creating a mind-bogglingly accurate Christopher Reeve in his “Evil Superman” mode from Superman III after exposure to synthetic kryptonite. ($TBA)

Alien ReAction Figures, Super7

Alas, these figures — which Super7 has rescued from a scrapped Alien toyline in the late ‘70s — won’t be available at the con, but you can preorder them there. The set will include Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane (in his spacesuit) and the Alien itself, complete with a removable head dome. Pre-order all five, and you’ll get the awesome “Early Bird special” retro display ($19.99 each)

Batusi Batman ’66, Mattel

This is a figure of Adam West, as Batman from the ‘60s TV series, dancing the Batusi. His hands are even making “V”s to wave over his eyes. Nothing else matters, although the sound chip that plays dance music and a few Adam West lines is a nice touch. ($30)

Catwoman Barbie, Mattel

A Barbie doll of the lovely Julie Newmar as Catwoman? Insert over-used cat pun (purr-fect, mee-ow!, etc.) here! ($35)

Thundercats Mega Deluxe Cheetara and Snarf, Mezco

Speaking of femme felines, Mezco’s 14-inch Thundercats line continues with Cheetara and an in-scale Snark figure (standing 5 inches). If anyone buys this and doesn’t want the Snarf, let me know, because I’d like to beat it to death with a hammer.($50)

Blood-Spattered PoP!, Funko

You can buy The Walking Dead PoP! vinyl figures anywhere; same with Alien and Predator. But only at SDCC can you buy TWD’s Rick Grimes and Riot Cop Zombie, along with those old pals Alien and Predator, covered in blood. ($15 each)

Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher, Bandai

The Morpher of the Green Ranger who became the White Ranger features lights and sounds just like the original toy. What makes this special? It’s plated in 24 karat gold. I am not kidding. ($TBA)

Dragonball Z Scouter, Bluefin

Get ready for “IT’S OVER 9,000!!!” to make a comeback with these Dragonball Z Scouter role-play toys. Available in red, green and purple. ($25)

The Venture Bros. Monarch Retro Tin Tote, Entertainment Earth/Bif Bang Pow

This lunchbox comes with 3.75-inch figures of the Monarch in his Death’s Head armor, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, and Tim-tom and Kevin, but come on — it’s a Monarch lunchbox. ($59.99)

The Venture Bros. Naked Brock Samson, Bif Bang Pow

Not ready to commit to a lunchbox in 2013? Your loss. Still, you can show your Venture Bros. love by purchasing the exclusive Naked Brock figure. He’s not 100% naked, admittedly, but he is covered in blood! ($14.99)

Star Wars Magnitude Admiral Ackbar Bust, Gentle Giant

This is a bust of Admiral Ackbar in an Admiral uniform with a huge mustache, based on the Steve Daily art. It may be the most awesome thing at this year’s SDCC. ($175)

Super Best Friends Forever Action Figure 3-Pack, Graphitti Designs

The stars of Lauren Faust’s phenomenal DC Nation shorts receive awesome 6-inch figurines. Everybody buy these so they sell out on day one, so Cartoon Network realizes they need to make a full show of these ladies stat (or at least more shorts). ($49.95)

Captain America “Star Spangled Man”, Hot Toys

Hot Toys is releasing a figure of Chris Evans in his hilarious costume from his “Star-Spangled Man” skits and musical number. It’s insane how great this looks, especially when you remember the costume was designed to look silly in the movie. Now all they need to make a Hitler figure for Cap to punch! ($TBA)

TMNT Shredder, Nickelodeon/Playmates

The regular Shredder figure from the new TMNT toyline was kind of crap, but this one is awesome. With better armor, better paint, and even a separate helmet to put over his scarred face, seriously, TMNT fans, this is the Shredder you want. ($32)

Evel Fett, Retro Outlaw Studios

A 12-inch vinyl figure of a failiar intergalactic bounty hunter in Evel Knievel’s distinctive togs. You can’t deny Boba rocks the hell out of this outfit. Stop by Retro Outlaw Studios' booth for this red, white and blue original, or 3DRetro's booth for the "Boba Version." ($120)

Comic-Con Mad Libs, Penguin

Yes, it’s a special Mad Libs, just for SDCC! It includes two SDCC-specific “stories,” as well as Adenture Time, Star Wars, Skylanders, and more. (Free!)

Yoda Dog and Cat Ears, Petco
Is your dog or cat a nerd? Do you think he or she might want to get into cosplay? Do you just like embarrassing your pets? Well, Petco has something for you! (Free!)

The Walking Dead Predator Peavey “Horde” Guitar, Skybound

I don’t really know why someone would make a Walking Dead-themed guitar, but I do know that there’s not much that rocks harder than having faces of snarling corpses on your musical instrument. ($500)

The Twilight Zone “Time Enough at Last” Prop, Entertainment Earth

Relive one of Twilight Zone’s most famous episode with Henry Bemis’ doomed glasses. The books double as a case, and the set also includes a removable film to make the glasses appear cracked for all your super ironic post-apocalyptic needs. ($99.99)

The Wolverine Saga Mini-Mate 4-Pack, Diamond Select/AFX
A four-pack of Wolverine at his most… distinctive! The set includes Ultimate Wolverine, Wolverine in his wedding kimono, Wolverine in his spacesuit, and Symbiote Wolverine, from when he was possessed by a Venom clone. ($20)

Unmasked Harley Quinn Bishoujo State, Kotobukiya

Koto’s lovely Bishoujo line takes Harley’s mask off to reveal the blonde locks underneath. She's so cute you'd almost forget she's a raving psychopath! ($59.99)

Doctor Who / Star Trek: TNG Lunchbox, Bif Bang Pow/Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is ostensibly selling the Enterprise and TARDIS “Monitor Mate” mini-bobbleheads in this tin, but come on — IT'S A DOCTOR WHO AND STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION CROSSOVER LUNCHBOX. I wish I had a time machine to give this to my 6th grade self. ($39.99)

Yuki 7 Maquette, Gentle Giant

I don’t know much about Yuki 7, the lovely, Tokyo-based spy-girl created by artist Kevin Dart, but I know what I like, and I like this statue. ($100)

Star Wars Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust, Gentle Giant

Spygirls don’t do it for you? Then pick up the deluxe Boba Fett minibust from Gentle Giant, which improves upon its predecessors with an improved (and more detailed) paint scheme and several interchangeable arms. ($150)

Friday the 13th Jason Nintendo Edition, NECA

In 1989, Nintendo released a Friday the 13th videogame. It was terrible. It also starred Jason in an all-purple outfit with light blue hands, feet and hockey mask. NECA is releasing a variant of their 6-inch Jason figure in these colors. If you don’t immediately think this is awesome, I can’t possibly explain it to you. ($25)

Marvel Heroclix Shuma-Gorath, NECA

You may not be a Heroclix fan, but even if you aren’t I’m pretty confident this is the closest you’ll ever come to owning a figure of Marvel’s Cthulian space demon. You can even move his All-Seeing Eye! ($50)

The Hobbit Azog, The Bridge Direct

Want a figure of the menacing orc commander from The Hobbit? Then I hope you or a pal are going to SDCC, because that’s the only place Azog will be available. He stands 7-inches tall and comes with the severed head of the Dwarf King Thror, and both his regular arm and his battle-spike replacement. ($39.99)

Peanuts Sumo Plush Set, Peanuts

Previously a Japanese exclusive — who would’ve guessed, right? — the Peanuts group is releasing this set of Snoopy and his brother Olaf in sumo togs, along with Woodstock as the traditional referee called the gyoji, Sumo Snoopy. You know you want one. ($55)