The infamous Harry Potter fan fic "My Immortal" is a masterpiece of wretchedness. It stars the Mary Sue-iest of Mary Sues, Hogwarts has gone inexplicably goth, at no point do any of the Harry Potter characters act even slightly like themselves — and now "My Immortal" will be fully immortalized with a web series.

I'll let the geniuses/poor bastards who are bringing this masterpiece to YouTube describe the story:

A six episode fan-made Harry Potter parody based off of Tara’s most famous creation: Enoby (Ebony?) Darkness Dementia Raven Way, the original mallcore goff who turns the lives of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley upside down.

Made for and by serious Potterheads, (My) Immortal is going to show those preps once and for all who the top goff at Hogwarts is.


Having read "My Immortal," I can only cheer these brave souls for trying to translate this masterpiece of literary disaster to live-action. Cheer, and pray for their souls. Part one is above, parts two and three and below, and the remaining three chapters have yet to be released.

[The Daily Dot via The Mary Sue]

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