Still drooling over the newest Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer? Yeah, we don't blame you. We've been doing it ourselves, combing through the footage for the greatest clues, moments, and GIF-able glory it has to offer. Care to join us?

First up, here's Ultron on his throne. It's nice to see that even though his comic book counterpart's delusions of grandeur have no been reined in at all.

The new Avengers Tower is looking pretty snazzy, too.

So I hope that's not the building that Hulk is repeatedly punching Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor, as the armor tries to take off. I have no idea how the physics are working here, and I don't care.

The Scarlet Witch pulling some bad juju on Black Widow, while Quicksilver punches Captain America so quickly Cap appears to be standing still.

What's this? Looks like this year's color are green and black! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

The Avengers take refuge in your mom's living room.

Something tells me the way Black Widow returns the shield to Cap is going to be even cooler than her casually picking it up at 80 mph.



"Dammit, Thor."

Black Widow has some new toys for the fight.

Something tells me grabbing onto a car as it hurtles and spins through the air was not part of Cap's plan.

The odds look overwhelming.

Luckily, the Hulk doesn't know the meaning of the word "overwhelming."

And last but certainly not least, it's the first on-screen look at the Vision — or at least his uncannily human-looking eyes. It's amazing how close he looks to the comic version, right down to the yellow jewel on his forehead.

What else? Add your favorite screencaps and GIFs below!

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