All images by Evan Narcisse unless otherwise stated.

Saturday’s winner in my personal cosplay sweepstakes: a dude done up as Kitty Pryde dissing the telepathic founder of the X-Men.

The ski jacket, facial expression and word balloon from the cosplay above blew me away, instantly transporting me back to seeing that iconic opening page of Uncanny X-Men #168 for the first time way back when. Weekends at fan conventions tend to be when the numbers swell, and cosplayers come out in their finest wares. Yesterday was filled was tons of great straight-ahead interpretations and clever mash-ups. Go on, take a look.

Oh, Agent Carter, we do miss you so...
Lugia just wants a hug, people
No more Groot-ants.
Ask me about the Bat-secret to getting killer calf definition!
Totally ready for the Sinestro Corps’ annual dance recital.
This Damian Wayne Robin outfit was one of the best outfits I saw all day.
“I mean, I still **feel** worthy. That counts for something, right?”
Cobra’s secret battle tactic? Blinding the Joes with the glare off shiny faceplates.
Powers or no powers, Storm’s gonna kick your ass.
Are samurai stormtroopers terrible at slicing?
“Lanaaaaaaaaaa!” “WHAT.”
Kitty Pryde getting Lockheed some coffee. He likes cold brew. Go figure.
Power armor would make Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor much cooler.
Une belle Gambit cosplay, ma cherie.
Great to see new characters like Gotham and Gotham Girl getting some cosplay love.
Awwwww, freak out!
The original look for Static in full effect with glowing fingers.
The Spider-squad that thwips together stays together.
Lots of Marios at every fan gathering but kudos to a very rare F.L.U.D.D. sighting.
This New Day cosplay is definitely not booty.
Captain Spidey-Merica.
Talk to Reed Richards’ giant hand, Von Doom.
Never, ever gets cold on alt-reality Themyscira.
Go, Teen Titans!
An excellent Ever-Living cosplay couple.
Dogpool wants chimichangas, of course.
The Justice League from the animated Gods and Monsters movie.
Bustin’—and tons of outfit details—makes them feel good!
Nightcrawler cosplay so good you can hear the “Bamf!”
Super-puppers is here to save the day.
A very patriotic Young Avengers couple.
My favorite deep cut of the day was this guy in one of Hawkeye’s worst costumes ever.