The Most Incredible Cosplay of New York Comic-Con, Day Two

All images by Evan Narcisse unless otherwise stated.

New York Comic-Con is going strong and continues to deliver amazing news, interviews, and cosplay. There’s so much cosplay, you guys, it’s almost too much. That’s a lie, there can never be too much cosplay. Here are our absolute favorite looks from day two on the show floor.

The original dynamic duo strikes again!
*psst* “Hail Hydra.”
“Ugh, assassin-ing is sooooo over.” / Getty Images
Hawk-gurrrrrl. / Getty Images
Dr. Doom succeeds in ensuring the latest reboot never happened.
It’s a Civil War over who gets to use the bathroom first. / Getty Images
So I creep, yeah, just keep it on the down low.
Stargirl and and gender-swapped Wonder Woman up the cuteness factor.
Spider-Man takes his wall climbing seriously. / Getty Images
Man, Shredder’s going dark for the next Michael Bay film.
Harley and her bat. / Getty Images
Guys it’s Deadpool so it makes sense.
Don’t one-punch the camera, please.
Loki and Iron Man, best friends forever. / Getty Images
It’s lonely when you’re Black Manta. / Getty Images
I am the Lawrrrrrrr. / Getty Images
Some Overwatch love.
Penguin’s too busy running for mayor to pose.
No joke, this is creepy. / Getty Images
Nope, way creepier. / Getty Images
Lex, did you kill Superman?
Midna and Tingle providing support.
Will the real Harley Quinn please stand up? / Getty Images
What a gem. / Getty Images
Furiosa would eat Jared Leto’s Joker for breakfast.
It’s okay, Joker found more sympathetic company. / Getty Images
Like a (Resident Evil) boss. / Getty Images
Hey, where’d you get that glove? / Getty Images
Vault Boy + Vault Girl = True love
The Borderlands ain’t on the border anymore. / Getty Images

Update: Fixed captions based on user suggestion.


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