The Most Incompetent Self-Destruct Sequence In Galactic History

I don't know how we missed the dramatic conclusion of Battle Beyond The Stars in our roundup of starship suicides. After all, how many other self-destruct sequences feature a Majel Barrett Roddenberry clone who's too ditzy to count down properly? (And a hero who doesn't really care if the ship actually destructs or not.) Roger Corman's own Star Wars-Seven Samurai mashup, Battle features the universe's greatest villain, Sador. Click through to see a clip of Sador's finest moment.


Akir is a peaceful world. They have no weapons! They don't even have proper houses, just weird mud huts that look like bad Star Trek cast-offs. What's funny about Battle Beyond is that the space battle scenes look pretty great, using the same style of effects as Star Wars. Except that the "Samurai" whom the young Shad recruits to save his "town" include a woman with a huge boob window, who blows up spaceships with her giant space-gun while pushing out her chest as far as she can.

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Annalee Newitz

Peter Jackson controlling the snipers FTW!